Published on: 27 July 2022
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Le Havre’s artistic scene

Le Havre is a vibrant place with many cultural and artistic hotspots. Read our handy guide to learn all about the city’s hidden gems.

Museum of Modern Art (MuMa)

The André Malraux Museum of Modern Art (MuMa) – Le Havre’s answer to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York – is definitely worth a visit.

Feast your eyes on permanent and temporary exhibitions of art produced during the 15th to 20th centuries by prominent artists, such as Delacroix and Renoir.

Hanging gardens

Fancy hanging out in hanging gardens just a 20-minute walk from Le Havre beach?
These stunning 17-hectare botanical gardens offer a feast for the senses, providing views of the sea, the city and the port.
Don’t forget to check out the Le Temps Suspendu exhibition celebrating the people behind the city while you’re there!

La Catène de containers

The annual un été au Havre (a summer in Le Havre) festival transforms the entire city into an original art gallery. Its permanent collection includes La Catène de containers by Vincent Gavinet.
This structure – an homage to shipping containers and, by extension, the city’s seaborne trade – was inspired by the hanging chain models used by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.


Erected in 2017, UP#3 by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann also forms part of the festival’s permanent collection. This white concrete geometric structure on Le Havre beach is a nod to the city centre, which was redesigned by architect and urban planner Auguste Perret.
You won’t want to miss this strikingly original gateway to the sea!

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